Grape Gourmet – Cucina Dello Zio

Cibo, vino e liquori di cucina in tutto il mondo.

The New Celebrity

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It’s in our nature to explore and try to discover new and interesting things. So, as we live our lives, it becomes all about our experiences and discoveries. Indeed, we remember special times in our lives by the impressions made through our senses, particularly sight, smell and taste. Comfort food is a good example of how our senses trigger our memories, haven’t you ever craved a certain food from your childhood? It’s a feeling that is embedded deep in our souls. Food may be  a necessity but it’s also something that we can enjoy with great pleasure.

Food has become as important as the destination itself and people have been taking a real interest in experiencing the flavors of their destinations. What better way of experiencing a place then it is to taste it? People are really getting into food; food is now the celebrity.

Recipes and reviews to nurture the soul.
Cibo, vino e liquori di cucina in tutto il mondo.

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Written by Zio James

August 27, 2012 at 2:45 PM

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