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Adventures in Cuisine

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While many people are content with the known, the predictable and the familiar, there are others whom are more adventurous, more daring and sometimes a bit dangerous. While I may not fall in the dangerous category, I have become fairly adventurous and slightly daring in regards to food. I really believe that it’s in our very nature to explore, to be curious… to try new things.

As a kid, I was finicky, not eating many things because I didn’t ‘like’ the ‘taste’ or possibly the ‘texture.’ I was also surrounded by those who weren’t afraid to proclaim which foods they liked or disliked. Bottom line, I was surrounded by people who loved to eat and weren’t afraid to show it. I learned not to be concerned what others eat; what I may find unpalatable others might find delectable.

As a result, I now salute the adventurous, the curious and the bold! New flavor sensations are the reward and I like it. Seriously, I really enjoy the experience of food and while I still have a fairly particular palette, I have never been as accepting as I am now. Let the adventures begin.

Collards & Potatoes - collard greens, Portuguese chorizo sausage, red + green peppers, onion and garlic.

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Written by Zio James

October 10, 2012 at 5:13 PM

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