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Seasoning Reasoning

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We at the Grape Gourmet try to use our own mixtures and ingredients as much as possible. Pre-packaged seasoning, sauce or products do find their way into the recipes. It’s not a bad thing, but if we can find a home-made recipe we think that’s preferable. yes, time’s usually tight and it does help .

Unique ingredients, blends and mixtures may ‘make’ a particular recipe so my advice is to be thoughtful with your ingredients.

There’s nothing like a home-made stock, and we do recommend making your own, however, there’ also many good stocks available at our local markets. If you don’t have the time, expertise or gumption than there’s nothing wrong with store-bought stock, just make sure it’s the best you can get.

Condiments, Seasoning and Marinades
Yup, sometimes using that home-made sauce turns out to be the proverbial show stopper, but if you don’t have the time or the affect is minimal, then why bother? UPrepared mustard or Worcestershire Sauce are good examples, who would make their own Worcestershire? Or Teriyaki?

Our last released recipe, Sopa de Couve, called or a Portuguese-style red pepper sauce called Pimenta. We believe, if you can find a good store-bought brand, use it. If you prefer to make your own or can’t find Pimenta, then here’s a Pimenta recipe that should do just fine.

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