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Eating for our health.

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A common saying passed from generation to generation is ‘we are what we eat.’ It’s true, the food we eat has a tremendous effect on our health and wellness. Our body’s are machines that work better with good fuel. Most of us try to use the best fuels and lubricants for our cars and machinery, why wouldn’t we care what we put into our own bodies? We should try to eat as best we can, when we can.

An age-old question, typically discussed, is ‘why does everything that tastes good is bad for you?’ I believe this to be generally untrue. Some are dedicated to finding the best foods that are also nutritious and tasty, others don’t seem to care. I have also been noticing that the older we get, the more our bodies seem to be affected by the food we eat. When I eat well, I feel good, and when I eat badly, I feel bad. I now choose to eat as good as I can.

It seems so complicated, so let’s try to ‘simplicate.’
Here’s a simple recipe for Chicken Stock, which can become the basis for many healthy and delicious dishes.

The Grape Gourmet
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