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Possessed Processed Food

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Possessed Processed Food
A factor that affects our heath is how we process or even prepare our food. Basically, the way we prepare our food does affect the nutritional value (some ways more than others). This could be a good thing or a bad thing. Eating raw may generally be healthier for us, but there are foods that need to be cooked. What I am more concerned about is the way food is ‘processed’ prior to being available for us to eat. Generally, processed food ‘products’ are not good for us especially when the ‘manufacturers’ add items that are known to be bad for us like sodium and sodium nitrates, refined sugar, artificial sugars (anything artificial is BAD!), unnatural preservatives, many processed oils, high fructose corn products and processed food ‘enhancers’ like MSG. While we probably cannot escape eating some of these little devils, we can attempt to minimize our consumption.

Good luck, good health and good eating! Check out our latest recipe… Aglio e Olio

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