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In Our Kitchen Cupboards

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In Our Kitchen Cupboards
Over the last few years I’ve been trying to discover the healthier foods at our local grocery stores. The search for healthy food is endless and, I believe, does not lead to exclusive, high-end homeopathic or new-age health-food stores, it’s a lot closer to home than thought.

Olive Oil
One such super-food is olive oil. The quality of olive oil is extremely important as all olive oil is not created equal, or should I say they’re not processed equally well. The first thing to do is research the olive oil you’re thinking of buying. Sometimes a more expensive one is not as good as its labeled. As I’m very price conscious, I usually don’t buy the most expensive ones BUT will have some fairly high-end ones for use in salads and drizzles. A general rule for olive oil use is, you can use the less-expensive for cooking as the nutrients may be lost while being heated. Alway buy ‘extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil.’

One health benefit of extra-virgin olive oil I have uncovered is it’s non-steroidal anti-inflammatory properties. After some research I decided to do an experiment; I began to drink a small amount every day (about two tablespoons of extra-virgin, cold-pressed and unfiltered olive oil). Within a few weeks I began to feel changes; my skin has become noticeably smoother and a few joint ‘issues’ seem to be diminishing. This has NOT been a scientific study and I do NOT recommend drinking more than 2 tablespoons at any given time. I do recommend trying this regimen for one month if you’re NOT sensitive or allergic. If you have ANY doubts, please discuss this with a doctor.

People tell me that they already use olive oil in their salads for and cooking. What I am suggesting you add this regimen ‘in addition to’ the olive oil you use, as a supplement. Remember, by using olive oil for cooking, it gets heated which removes some of the beneficial qualities of the oil.

Let’s eat for our health!

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