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TINI Sangiovese di Romagna – 2011 (red)

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TINI Sangiovese di Romagna – 2011 (red)
In the world of wine, the Sangiovese grape may not have been held in high regard but it has been brought into the spotlight in recent years. Due to the more recent recognition of Chianti, a wine that uses the Sangiovese grape, more people are taking it seriously. The Sangiovese grape is one of the most widely used grape varieties in Italy and the Tini Sangiovese di Romagna is a classic example. It’s fairly light bodied for a Italian red but has remarkable undertones, it must be the familiar taste of the Sangiovese grape! It’s great with Italian food that’s not too spicy or intense, highly recommended for a casual drinking.

The Grape Gourmet
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