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Centuno Canicatti Nero D’Avola 2010 (red)

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Centuno Canicatti Nero D’Avola 2010 (red) 

Okay, so it’s no secret that I’ve become obsessed with wine crafted with the Sicilian indigenous grape Nero D’Avola. Historically, it’s one of the oldest grape varieties and was often overlooked as a local table wine. What has happened over the past few years is an awakening of sorts. The southern regions of Italy had taken a backseat to the more industrious regions to the north due to mainly political reasons but has been experiencing a come back.
In my opinion, the Centuno Canicatti is outstanding example of a Nero D’Avola wine. They’ve crafted this dark-skinned grape and presented all it’s suppleness in a well balanced and flavorful wine – BRAVO. Now, my issue is finding stock in stores as it keeps selling out.

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