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Prep’ing for the Holiday Season

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Here we go, we’re entering the final curve of 2014’s race and quickly approaching 2015! We’ve had a busy year at Cucina Dello Zio preparing a bunch of new recipes while revamping old ones. In addition to our recently updated wine reviews (our wine reviews are posted on Natalie Maclean’s Wine Review Website) we’ve added Pasta Con Sarde (Pasta with Sardines), a Cranberry Conserve, BBQ Chicken with Lemon and Fresh Mint, Sautéed Mushrooms, Blood Orange and Fennel Salad and even a recipe for Pane Italiano (Italian Bread). Keep an eye open to the site for new recipes and adventures. Also, keep an eye on our Twitter account, that’s where we broadcast LIVE when we’re cooking up a storm!

Eat well and stay healthy!
The Grape Gourmet
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