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Collard Greens with Beans and Potatoes

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#Collards #Beans #Potatoes #Homemade #CucinaDelloZio -

Collard Greens with Beans and Potatoes
Couve Com Feijão e Batatas
by James Belardo

We’re always on the lookout for healthy and nutritious foods, especially vegetables. A couple of Portuguese friends introduced me to hearty leafy-green Collard Greens. My first taste of Collard Greens were in a hearty Portuguese soup called Sopa de Couve, or Collard Greens Soup. Sopa de Couve is a common Portuguese soup made with Portuguese Chorizo, tomatoes, beans and Collard Greens.The following recipe for Collards, beans and potatoes is not a soup but a tasty side dish that goes well with grilled beef or pork.

1 bunch collard greens
2 cups cubed potatoes, with skin
2 large carrots
2 stalks celery
1 can Romano beans
1 large shallot* (or 2 small)
olive oil
1/2-1 Portuguese Chorizo sausage, spicy or mild, your choice
1 cup Chicken stock (try our homemade version)
1/2 cup Pimenta
Peperoncino Fiocchi (hot pepper flakes) (optional)
salt and pepper (to taste)

    • 1-2 cloves diced garlic and 1/2 chopped onion can be used instead on shallots

1. Parboil potatoes for 2 minutes after water boils. Drain and set aside.

2. In a large sauce pan, heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil and Fry the thinly sliced Chorizo sausages until they’re well done and crispy. Remove and set the cooked Chorizo aside.
#Collards #Beans #Potatoes #Homemade #CucinaDelloZio - fry chorizo

3. Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil to sauce pan and cook shallots (or onions and garlic) and hot pepper flakes until the shallots begin to show some translucency.
#Collards #Beans #Potatoes #Homemade #CucinaDelloZio - remove chorizo & sauté shallot

4. Add 1 tbsp butter then  the potatoes, let cook until slightly browned (lightly salt and pepper).
#Collards #Beans #Potatoes #Homemade #CucinaDelloZio - add parboiled potatoes

5. Add carrots and celery, cook until celery begins to show translucency and carrots begin to soften.
#Collards #Beans #Potatoes #Homemade #CucinaDelloZio - add carrots & celery

6. Add 1 cup chicken stock and let come to boil.
#Collards #Beans #Potatoes #Homemade #CucinaDelloZio - 1c chicken stock

7. add the 1/2 cup of pimenta and let come to a boil.
#Collards #Beans #Potatoes #Homemade #CucinaDelloZio - 1/2c pimenta

8. Add chopped collard greens and cover sauce pan. Mix frequently.
#Collards #Beans #Potatoes #Homemade #CucinaDelloZio - add collard (mix) #Collards #Beans #Potatoes #Homemade #CucinaDelloZio - cover

9. Once Collard greens begin to soften fold in the romano beans and let simmer for another 10-15 minutesseasoning with salt and pepper to taste.
#Collards #Beans #Potatoes #Homemade #CucinaDelloZio - add Romano beans

10. Finally toss in the cooked chorizo.
#Collards #Beans #Potatoes #Homemade #CucinaDelloZio - add the cooked chorizo


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Written by Zio James

November 11, 2013 at 3:12 PM

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