Pane, Pizza e Dolce

Pane e Dolce
Bread and Sweets

Pane – Bread is not only a staple in Italian cuisine, it is also an art, a tradition and very particular to the different regions of Italy. You’ll find many different styles of bread-making in Italy and all have their merits. A traditional quickie-breakfast in our household was dipping buttered rolls (panini) into our morning coffee. That combination has become one of my comfort foods. Simple and delicious.

Dolce – Ah, the end of the meal. A time to sit, talk and digest. On holidays and special occasions my grandma used to serve ‘black’ and ‘brown’ coffee (espresso or regular). We never served cappuccino or macchiato. We often put in some anisette liquor into the espresso, which acted as a digestive. Cold flat water, as opposed to sparkling water) should be served with espresso, it helps to cleanse the palate and also helps with the experience of espresso.

Pane (Bread)



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