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Chicken Involtini (Involtini alla Siciliana – Polo)

#homemade #Chicken #involtini #CucinaDelloZio - place in roasting pan

Chicken Involtini (Involtini alla Siciliana – Polo)
Meat Rolls – Chicken
by James Belardo

Involtini is a typical Sicilian dish made if slices of meat, fish or eggplant prepared by grilling and sometimes braised. Variations include veal, chicken, pork, swordfish and even tuna, depending on the region. While some may sauté the meat before rolling, we prefer to braise the competed rolls. We created this recipe as a tribute to our trip to Sicily.

4-6 chicken cutlets
1 egg, mixed well
olive oil
Italian-style seasoned breadcrumbs (try our recipe)
salt and pepper

#homemade #Chicken #involtini #CucinaDelloZio - marinade in #wine & olive oil
Marinade the chicken in white wine and olive oil for about an hour
White wine (pinot grigio)
olive oil

Stuffing Suggestions*
Sun-dried tomato
Spinach and mozzarella
Mozzarella cheese (fior d’latte) & Fresh Basil
Roasted red peppers

*The ‘traditional’ filling include béchamel sauce, ham and cheese, pine nuts and breadcrumbs. 

Flat-Leaf parsley

Assembly Directions
1. Roll and pound the cutlets as flat as possible. Dredge in flour, salt and a bit of pepper
#homemade #Chicken #involtini #CucinaDelloZio - dredge in flour, salt & pepper

2. Lay the cutlets flat and brush one side with a beaten egg.

3. Coat the egg-coated side with seasoned bread crumbs and add a drizzle of olive oil.

4. Place the filling of your choice near the start of the roll and roll tightly (use tooth-picks or twine to hold it together).
#homemade #Chicken #involtini #CucinaDelloZio - breadcrumbs, mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes

5. Brush prepped involtini (rolls) with olive oil prior to frying.
#homemade #Chicken #involtini #CucinaDelloZio - roll & drizzle w/ olive oil

Cooking Directions
1. Preheat a pan with grape seed oil (and a bit of olive oil) to a medium temperature.

2. Sear the involtini on all sides and set aside.
#homemade #Chicken #involtini #CucinaDelloZio - start braise by frying

3. Add to the sugo (gravy or sauce) and let simmer for 30-60 minutes. You can also place the in a baking pan and cooked with the gravy in the oven.
#homemade #Chicken #involtini #CucinaDelloZio - place in roasting pan #homemade #Chicken #involtini #CucinaDelloZio - cover w/gravy and roast for an hour!

Gravy Suggestions
Mushroom and Sun-dried Tomato
Sugo di Pomodoro

1. Dredge cutlets in flour, salt and pepper

2. Coat one side with egg wash

3. cover egg washed side with seasoned breadcrumbs

4. put stuffing at the start and roll tightly and then use toothpicks or twine to keep roll together.

5. Brush involtini with olive oil and grill Involtini on a BBQ or on stovetop (grape-seed and olive oil) finishing the braise in an oven roaster with the gravy.
#homemade #chicken #Involtini & #mushroom #SundriedTomato #Gravy #CucinaDelloZio

6. Dress with fresh flat-leaf parsley. 

Involtini alla Siciliana is typically served with salad and fresh bread.


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