Freshly Dipped

Freshly Dipped Fresh ingredients are the real secret to a good salsa. Step up to the plate and kick your nachos, potato chips and fresh veggies into a fresh dip! Check out our Mexican-Style Pico de Gallo – Salsa Fresca, it’s pretty good. 😉  Connect with us and Like on Facebook  The Grape GourmetContinue reading “Freshly Dipped”

Beating the Gloom, with a Bloom

Beating the Gloom, with a Bloom The beauty of a blooming flower is so uplifting. Let’s face it, it’s been tough and it’s been hard to keep our sanity. Many of us find solace in nature, we NEED to get out. By taking walks, even in your own neighborhood, can be truly uplifting. It’s becomeContinue reading “Beating the Gloom, with a Bloom”


In’flu’ence Food is amazing, the blending of flavors, colors and textures show us how each are  influential on each other. Different combinations make something that is delicious and sometimes truly unique. Wow, just like life! Try our take on Eggplant with Roasted Peppers, it’s quite delicious. Connect with us and Like on Facebook  TheContinue reading “In’flu’ence”

Big Beautiful Blossoms

Big Beautiful Blossoms As stores begin to open up and we walk cautiously into the world, flowers are blooming and nature is coming alive. Year after year, we rejoice as our perennials rise from their slumber, and we can begin to plant our new crops. In anticipation of this years zucchini blossoms we present oneContinue reading “Big Beautiful Blossoms”